'Beyond Design'
-Just finished my tenth anniversary guitar #20
AEcoustic SoulMate - Bubinga and Sitka Spruce with Wenge dreadnaught

-Guitars #18- The Vulcan and #19- The Bruin are done and FOR SALE! contact me now, check out the preview pics to the right or on https://www.facebook.com/aecustoms

-Recent interview with GuitarHive.com featured on their page, a great resource for your all things guitar.    http://www.guitarhive.com/ae-guitars.html

-Guitars #15, #16, #17 are featured in the For Sale page and are on display at Roots Music Shop
in Lincoln,NE.

and as always feel free to contact me about starting your own AE Custom Guitar.

Hear my guitars on the following cds:
-Strategy by RC Dub
-Broken Lands by Indigenous
-The Gracious Jones EP

Artists that play AE:
-Justin Goes of Bright Giant
Kris Lager
-Dave Hansen of RC Dub
-the late Lyle Wolf